4 Ways ERP Fails Subscription Businesses

Is upgrading your ERP the right move?

If you’re a growing subscription business, facing the pains that come with growth, your first priority may be to upgrade your ERP system. With your finance and operations teams drowning in transactions and manual work, you may think the solution is a better financial system. It’s not.

In the subscription economy, your sales revolve around an ongoing customer relationship - one that changes based on new upgrades, downgrades, renewals, and cancellations. For your subscription business, you need a system that can track all of these changes, and then feed that information back into all of your other systems. Subscription businesses are a new model built around your subscribers. And ERPs simply aren’t built to manage it.

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  • The basis and benefits of a unified customer view
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  • How a single system that automates quote to cash is needed to replace the manual workarounds with ERP systems
  • Why ERP's have trouble tracking subscription revenue