9 Keys to Successful OTT Video Subscriptions

Your guiding principles for building and scaling your OTT Video subscriptions.

For telecom, cable, media and content businesses, OTT video subscriptions represent a new business model built around ongoing customer relationships. It allows them to take advantage of modern IP-based technology to interact more directly and regularly with consumers - anywhere, anytime and on any device.

But, this shift to digital OTT video subscriptions is not easy for all media businesses to operationalize. How companies price, sell, bill, collect payments and account for digital subscription services can be significantly more complex than in the traditional media world. Internal stakeholders in Marketing, Operations, Finance, IT or General Management, must be prepared and aligned to support this transformation, which often requires knowledge and implementation of new digital processes.

Based on key insights gleaned from Zuora’s media customers, partners and the community of subscription businesses at large, this is our attempt to help telecom, cable, entertainment and media companies thrive with practical guidance.

Download this guide to understand the 9 key principles that will serve as your foundational blueprint for building and scaling a subscription-based OTT video business.

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