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The Great Debate - Subscription Billing: Build vs. Buy?

The Zillow Story

As your company matures, the challenge to find solutions for recurring billing, consumption-based pricing, and subscription management requirements grows exponentially. IT leaders find themselves confronted with an important decision: to build or buy a billing solution.

Watch this virtual debate between an IT and Product veteran from Zillow, who share their story and advice for overcoming the challenges they faced when their business outgrew their homegrown billing solution. You’ll hear:

  • How to confidently remove perceived risks and get multiple product teams, stakeholders, and executives bought into your new billing strategy
  • Philosophies for resource allocation: the magic % that engineers should focus on internal dev vs. product differentiation
  • How to balance being in control of compliance and finance, while still remaining open to evolving your system
  • When exactly you'll know it’s time to look beyond your homegrown solution

Check it out to learn how these two leaders have evolved a complex back office over the past 6 years to unlock the future growth of the entire company.

Director of Product Development

Isaac Sheldon

Zillow Group, Inc.

Sr. Manager of Financial Applications

Neil Smith

Zillow Group, Inc.

The Great Debate: Build vs. Buy