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Check out the latest product innovations, get inside tips from industry experts, and learn more about The Journey to Usership™, our framework that guides you to becoming a successful subscription business.

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Learn how your business can monetize anything-as-a-service with Zuora, the world’s leading subscription management platform.

Customer Day Keynote

Tom Krackeler
Chief Customer Officer


The Journey to Usership™ starts here

Hear from Zuora’s Chief Customer Officer, Tom Krackeler, as he discusses what the Journey to Usership™ means for your business.

The Journey to Usership™

Let’s find your path on
the Journey to Usership™

There are four stages in any company’s Journey to Usership™. Find out where you fit so you know where to go next.


Get the ultimate primer on
The Journey to Usership™

Our Senior Director of Customer Strategy, JJ Xia shares what it takes to succeed in subscriptions. Learn how you can get started.

Zuora Customers Win in the
Subscription Economy

Scaling our subscription businesses to what it is today simply wouldn’t have been possible without Zuora.”
Dylan Smith


Zuora Expands Beyond Subscriptions

Unified Monetization makes it easy to monetize anything-as-a-service, from recurring subscriptions, usage-based subscriptions, and now even one-time charges.


Zuora launches Unified Monetization

Orchestrate all of your offerings—products, services, and subscriptions—in perfect harmony, from quote-to-revenue.

Product keynote

The road ahead: 

New innovations from Zuora

Hear Sri Srinavasan, Zuora’s Chief Product & Engineering Officer, talk about innovations designed to accelerate your growth in the Subscription Economy™.

Monetize anything-as-a-service with Zuora

The Subscription Economy™ is changing and so are we. Learn more about Zuora’s product roadmap and feature innovations from our Chief Product & Engineering Officer, Sri Srinavasan.


Integration with Microsoft Automates Enterprise Revenue Recognition

Integrations with Azure, Dynamics 365 Finance and Power BI will strengthen Zuora’s core offerings: accelerating innovation and enhancing the subscriber experience.


Customer Day Q&A with

Zuora CEO, Tien Tzuo

What are the latest developments in subscription management? What’s the Journey to Usership™? How will Zuora help your business scale? Tien shares his vision for what’s next in the Subscription Economy™.


Tools and tips to help you succeed with your subscription business

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How to Scale a Software/
Hardware Subscription

Learn how Cedric Fernandez and his team scaled GoPro to over one million subscribers.

Video On Demand

How to Adopt
Usage-Based Pricing

Hear how Casey Koon and his team at New Relic successfully pivoted to a usage-based pricing model.
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How to Rationalize
the Tech Stack

Learn how Justin Donlon and his team at CarGurus refreshed their entire Order-to-Cash enterprise architecture.
Ready to get started?
Ready to get started?
Get your hands on the product and test drive Zuora for free Take a test drive
Ready to get started?
Get your hands on the product and test drive Zuora for free Take a test drive
Ready to get started?
Get your hands on the product and test drive Zuora for free Take a test drive