Leverage machine learning to efficiently turn invoices into revenue

Purpose-Built Machine Learning

Machine learning is only as good as the data it uses. Zuora Collect leverages one of the most robust machine learning models in the world, choosing the optimal retry schedule for every customer by looking at 15+ characteristics of a transaction and combining these insights with Zuora’s hundreds of billions of dollars in payments volume. It also identifies new trends and improves retry schedules over time.

Learn why Zuora’s machine learning is the best for payment recovery

Maximize Subscription Revenue

Nearly half of businesses see 7% of their payments fail, but most can be recovered with the right strategy. Zuora Collect increases first-time payment success and maximizes collections before accounts go into the dunning phase by providing customers with the flexibility to use different payment methods for multiple subscriptions. You can also recover up to 20% more subscription revenue with AI-driven retry schedules.

Minimize Passive Churn

Passive churn accounts for 40% of all churn. With Zuora Collect, you can couple AI-driven retry schedules with automated dunning workflows to reduce your outstanding invoices. You can also drive internal team alignment and streamline the dunning process by using Zuora Collect as a single source of truth.

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Zuora Collect powers B2B and B2C subscription businesses

“With Zuora Collect, we’ve increased our average payment recovery rate by an additional 10% from what it was when the product had no machine learning. Using an AI-driven retry strategy also prevented us from starting a time-consuming research project that would have required testing to parse out the most optimal times to retry payments.”

– Susanna Wright

Payments Manager, Whitepages

“Zuora Collect has helped us recover more revenue and keep more subscribers. We put an end to the rule-based payment retries, and replaced it with machine learning that adapts to every customer. Our payment success rate has already increased by 18% in just 2 months.”

 – Daniel Wette
CEO, rankingCoach

“In 4 months, we’ve collected $60K with just the retry logic in Zuora Collect. That’s a 15% collections increase of all the cards that failed on initial try, so we know we’re collecting an additional 15% in revenue.”

– Gurjinder Pooni

Sr. Solutions Architect, Motor Trend Group


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Zuora Collect Datasheet

Learn how companies maximize subscription revenue and minimize passive churn with Collect.

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Zuora Collect Solution Brief

Leverage machine learning to recover more revenue and retain loyal subscribers.

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